Superior Health Coaching

Are You In Denial?

Denial is avoiding responsibility and learning to lie to one’s self. Denial is being irresponsible at an unconscious level because we are embarrassed to know the truth about our misbehavior. Denial is an immature defense mechanism…it is a delusion.

If we are not open to hearing information and criticism about ourselves we can become masters of denial.There is no end to what we can make ourselves believe for our own benefit. We distort reality as we see it, we redefine the meaning of what we do and we change what we consider to be right and wrong to best serve us.

No matter who we are or how bad the things we are doing are, we can always find someone doing worse. Anytime we blame anyone outside ourselves for what's wrong with us that is denial. 

If you are in doubt as to whether something is denial or not, bring it to someone who does not have an interest in maintaining the denial, don't ask your drug dealer if you have a drug problem. If you can’t bring yourself to do this then you are most likely in denial.