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BALi Eating Plan

The BALi Eating Plan was designed by Roby Mitchell, M.D.

“Critter (yeast) killers are the primary reason you need specific fruits and vegetables. Most medical conditions evolve due to chronic inflammation - your immune system response to critter overgrowth.

Chronic inflammation results in "heart attack", strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune conditions, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, fatty liver disease and more. By saturating your blood with critter killers from certain fruits/vegetables, you keep critters and inflammation to a minimum.

The BALi Eating Plan points you towards the foods highest in critter killers. The food list was compiled by me doing laboratory experiments testing which produce extracts were most effective at killing Candida yeast. Follow the BALi Eating Plan to reverse medical conditions and maintain good health.”

What Does BALi Stand For?

B = basic or alkaline. 
A = anti-oxidant/anti-fungal. 
Li = Low insulin.  

The BALi diet is an eating plan than a diet. It’s guidelines and principles are meant to optimize your health, which will most likely result in weight loss as well. 

Basic: The first component of the BALi diet is “basic,” where the focus is keeping your body’s pH in balance. The pH in your body is the measure of acid and alkaline in your blood.

Antioxidant/Antifungal: The main idea here is that too much sugar or yeast in the diet can cause the body to over-oxidize, which can cause chronic inflammation and result in disease.

Low Insulin: Insulin is a hormone that regulates the absorption of sugar. According to “Dr. Fitt”, overproduction of insulin can lead to weight gain because it promotes the growth of fat cells.