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Does Food Have You Down?

The two most common causes for mood disorders are hypoglycemia and neurotransmitter deficiency. We are 100% more depressed in this country than we were in the early 1900's. 50%, over the age of 14, are experiencing debilitating mood disorders. All of us have the potential for depression. Studies show over time, since the 60's and processed foods that we are becoming more and more nutrient deficient, which is leading to mood disorders. 

First symptoms of malnutrition are emotional. Malnutrition generates false moods. Depression is related to malnutrition. Most of us are experiencing depression and anxiety because we are malnutrition NOT because of negativity. 

Mood disorders can be improved by improving the diet. This can be challenging because the food that people have become dependent on are really drug substances. So, to eliminate the cravings, you have to have good physiological tools. 

The most common physiological trigger of negative moods is hypoglycemia. It is essential to eat the foods that will sustain the blood sugar the longest: Saturated fats, protein, vegetables, whole carbs, and fiber while eliminating refined carbs, sugar and processed foods. 

Moderate to severe mood issues may be due to neurotransmitter deficiencies. Four specific neurotransmitters and the brains production of them are: Serotonin - Natural anti-depressant; Catecholamines - Natural stimulants; GABA - Natural tranquilizer; Endorphins - Natural pain killers/comforters. It is important to evaluate and determine which neurotransmitter you may be deficient in.

Resource: Julia Ross/Mood Cure