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Asthma and Yeast Connection

Asthma is a yeast/fungus overgrowth in the lungs. Yeast/fungus will only overgrow if provided the right environment. Yeast overgrowth is caused by excess sugar in the blood stream. Asthma is caused by the chronic inflammation your immune system causes when you have yeast overgrowth in your body.

One of the worst offenders for yeast/fungus overgrowth is antibiotic overuse. The reason children get asthma when exposed to antibiotics in the womb, is that the good bacteria that keeps yeast under control are singularly killed off by the antibiotics.

Low hydrochloric acid allows candida overgrowth. If hydrochloric acid is low, you can't absorb a wide range of vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

Low thyroid is another culprit. Low thyroid causes low body temperature (yeast thrives in cool environments) which in turn causes yeast to grow.   

Resolution comes with changing your internal environment to one that does not support this yeast overgrowth and using strategies that make your immune system more effective at killing yeast/fungus. If yeast needs to be killed off, it's best to use agent that will kill bacteria, viruses and yeast (iodine, hydrochloric acid, oil of oregano, etc.).